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International law. Protection of foreign investments

International law ľ legal system consisting of contractual and customary norms intended to express common will of the states. The sources of international law are international treaties and customs. International rules regulate relationships between the countries under the circumstances of cooperation and conflicts. The I.L. is formally divided into public and private I.L.

Citizens of Russia who consider their rights are violated by an act/omission of the native public authorities after all the domestic remedies have been applied and exhausted as a result, may apply to the European Court of Human Rights. The Court is bound to stick to the rules of the European Convention on Human Rights. Its task is to ensure that contracting States do respect all the rights and guarantees set out in the Convention. It carries out its functions by examining complaints (known as ôapplicationsö) lodged by individuals or, sometimes, by the contracting States. In cases where the Court finds that a contracting State has violated one or more of the set out rights and guarantees, the Court delivers a judgment.

Often, applicants have quite superficial knowledge of the procedure of application.

A great number of cases submitted from Russian applicants are pending presently in the Court. However, still very few applications to the ECHR are successful. And the reason is not for prejudgment or biased treatment of the Court, but mostly for the poor knowledge and skills of drawing up the respective applications. The jurisdiction of the Court extends only to matters concerning the application and interpretation of the Convention after all the proceedings that could be taken in Russia that are capable of providing the applicant with an adequate remedy have been pursued.

Our company can help you in drawing up the application in the appropriate way, drawing courtĺs attention to the key points of violation of your rights under the Convention. It could be properly done only by a lawyer experienced in ECHR proceedings.

The ECHR decision on the matter of recovery of debts from the Russian Federation on public bonds (No. ╬┬├┬ă-3) and compensation for non-material damages was the most considerable success of the company.