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Mass media law. Honour, dignity, business reputation protection

Business reputation of a company is an important factor of efficiency of its business. Business reputation of a company as well as honor and dignity and business reputation of an individual is a non-property right, and once the reputation has been discredited the measures of restoration of violated rights must be taken. By the virtue of the article 152 of The Civil code of Russian Federation, business reputation is to be restored by the means of refutation of the discrediting information.

Under Article 152 of The Civil Code, the person who has spread denigrating information must prove its correspondence to reality. A plaintiff, i.e. physical or a legal entity, who has filed a claim for protection of his business reputation is obliged to prove only the fact that such information had been spread.

The most typical difficulty the plaintiff come through is that often he has a vague notion about what the discrediting information is. Thatĺs the reason why the number of successful claims for protection of honor and dignity is actually less than it could be.

Mass media is one of the legal ways to receive information for citizens.

But another problem is how to obtain information in a legitimate way by mass media itself. We have established ôSudebnaya Gazetaö which is an electronic media source. Its purpose is to provide the audience with materials on matters of social importance as well as to provide access to the information from primary sources, which are often public authorities.