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Corporate law. Securities. Investor rights protection

Russian markets are still coming through the stage of establishing.

An evident necessary condition of business safety is to be aware of any kind of risk that could arise while conducting business as well as to be aware of particular methods of legal protection. Information ensures a reliable base for further development and growth. So, high ‘immunity’ is a reliable basis for further development and growth

One of the most effective ways to avoid legal errors that are usually typical for business activity from the very moment of the company incorporation (and thereafter) is to apply for services of a professional corporate consultant.

Intensively developing investment activity cannot be of a success without professional support of a lawyer, who can provide appropriate expertise (the so-called “due diligence”) on how to plan the best investment schemes, to provide different forms of investment insurance and to solve other important matters.

The major fields that our company renders services in, are as follows:

  • Corporate conflicts;
  • Protection of investor’s rights;
  • Legal assessment of risks & advantages in business activity (due diligence);
  • Bringing business to conformity with requirements of the present legislation, of the corporate standards and of the judicial opinion.
  • Legal provision of any transactions in security trading.