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Antitrust law

The central act which is an actual basis of the Russian antitrust law is The Federal Law on Competition Protection No. 135-FZ (July 26, 2006) is destined to improve antitrust legislation and to replace some regulations of the Law of the RSFSR (March 22, 1991) on Competition and Restriction of the Monopoly Activity on Commodity Markets and Federal Law No 117 FZ (July 23, 1999) on Competition Protection on Financial Services Markets.

Competition – is the rivalry of economic units on such conditions which provide that independent actions of each of them exclude or limit the potential of each of them to influence unilaterally the general terms of commodities' circulation in the appropriate commodity market.

Having sufficient experience and profound knowledge in the field of Antitrust Law, “RusAtom Group” can render you professional services on maintenance of projects over which Antitrust legislation sets control.

Taking into consideration all the circumstances and terms of the planned (anticipated) bargain, our specialists will provide you with their sound conclusion on a matter – whether you’re bound to apply for an appropriate permission to the Federal Antitrust Service of Russia (FAS). In case if the preliminary permission issued by FAS for the transaction or subsequent notification of the effected transaction prove to be obligatory, our specialist will surely render you a full range of services required for receipt of FAS conclusion/report:

  • Competition on commodity markets. Solicits to FAS. Notifications to FAS.
  • Control over incorporation, reorganization, termination of commercial and non-profit organizations;
  • Control over the observance of antitrust law while acquiring the shares / portions of the stock capital of a company;
  • Responsibility for the violation of antitrust law.

Federal Antimonopoly Service of RF (FAS) is an authorized executive body, empowered to exercise control over the observance of antitrust laws in the field of competition on commodity markets and protection of competition on the markets of financial services, control over the activity of natural monopolies, control over the advertising within the scope of its powers.