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Staff Department

Nowadays Rusatom Company rates among the most steady in the market of legal investment service. Continuous development and increase in number of orders cause constant demand in highly professional personal.

Not only high-experienced lawyer and economists but also young specialists and the students of the legal specialization who take their studies at Russian educational institutions are of the great interest to us.

Open doors day has become our tradition, which is a part of a program designed to attract bright talented students who wish to enhance both their personal and professional growth. On the day students make acquaintance with our specialists, get their advice on further career prospects. In the context of the programme students take part in the competition in follow-up of which the most successful candidate receive an offer of employment.

We elaborate a unique system of study and adaptation of young specialists. Under supervision of our senior lawyers with the highest credentials a newcomer acquire a considerable amount of knowledge and skills and in the course of probation get involved in the current projects. Moreover everyone may choose a specific practice area which is of the most interest to you. Initiative and original approach to a problem are highly appreciated. We value not only professional skills but also personal characteristics such as high responsibility, creativity and determination.

We are seeking bright talented young specialists, who will become a part of our creative and united team and add to the development of our company.